This is the website of “Longfingah”, Reggae and Raggamuffin Deejay & Singer from Berlin. Longfingah is working on his upcoming 4th studio-album “Raise A Voice”. Further informations are coming soon. Also two vinyl releases are coming soon in January 2015. Lion´s Den and 4Weed are presenting the new Dub All Sense EP “Rudebwoy Corporation” on 12 Inch vinyl featuring Mr. Williamz, Lion Warriah and Longfingah. The second release will be “The Berlin Sessions” alongside Dubmatix, AlDubb, Illbilly Hitec, Lengualerta and Longfingah on 10 Inch vinyl by Irie Ites Music Germany. In the meantime Longfingah is also joining the “Reggae Not Dead” tour of Illbilly Hitec! To get the latest news, pics, flyer, tunes or videos, follow me on facebook!

Longfingah Meets Hardy Digital “Anybody Out There?”
Check out the latest tune of Longfingah Meets Hardy Digital called “Anybody Out There?” on GuerillJah´s “DubMinded”-Riddim. This is a pre-release and it is available as a limited free download on soundcloud. The official release will be included in the upcoming Longfingah Meets Hardy Album. Soon GuerillJah Productions will also present further tunes on that riddim, so watch out for the “DubMinded” Riddim-Selection.

Zion Train Meets Longfingah “Raise A Voice”
It´s a honour for me to present this combination-tune with the mighty Zion Train. Zion Train are Dub/Dance pioneers and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for the past 2 decades. The band were heavily involved in alternative and DIY underground culture in the UK during the 1990s as well as being purveyors of the finest Roots Reggae music throughout this period. Listen our tune on soundcloud!

Two new 7 Inch vinyl releases on “Irie Ites Music”
This month we can offer you two brandnew 45s. Irie Ites Music from Hamburg released two Longfingah singles ls. Aldubb, Illbilly Hitec and Dubmatix. IIM018: Aldubb ft. Longfingah A) Cool Down B) Cool Down Dubb / IIM019: Illbilly Hitec ft. Longfingah A) Higher Calling Single Edit B) Higher Calling Dubmatix Rootstep Remix. Here you can order it!

New Jungle Remix by 4Corners Crew
Do you remember my tune “Rocking Time” on Dreadsquad´s Digital Rules Riddim? Recently Superfly Studios released some Jungle remixes of that riddim. Here you can listen the 4Corners remix of my tune (just click the pic below):

Festival Season 2013
The festivals this year already started. During my tour with Illbilly Hitec we play for the first time some proper Rock Fetivals in Germany like Taubertal, Rocco del Schlacko or Open Flair Festival. But also the Reggae fans will see us again this year. I am very happy to announce that we gonna play at Germany´s best Reggae Festival – the Reggaejam in Bersenbrück – and at the biggest european Reggae Festival – Rototom Sunsplash – in Spain. By the way, on Friday we play at the Fusion Festival, so all the lucky ones who has a ticket….see you there at the Bassline Circus!

“Old Monk Riddim Selection” by GuerillJah Productions”
Listen the promomix of our brandnew release! The “Old Monk Riddim” Selection featuring artists like Parly B, Steppa Style, Bandulu, Wendy Wonder, Tomawok, Tribuman, Gillus, Sista Zoum and me will be available as a digital release in any download shop on June 7th. Get to the promomix on soundcloud!

King Size Dub – Germany Downtown II
I am happy to announce that two of my tunes “Longfingah Meets Hardy Digital – All Over Me” and “Illbilly Hitec ft. Lady N & Longfingah – State Of Emergency (Rob Smith Remix)” are released on the brandnew Dub Compilation by Echo Beach called “King Size Dub – Germany Downtown II”. This compilation is available as CD or MP3 since May the 24th. Here you can order it or just listen our tune on soundcloud!

New Video: Illbilly Hitec ft. Lady N & Longfingah “State Of Emergency”
We got a new video of our tune “State Of Emergency”, produced by our friends of Urban Tree Music. Watch it!!! By the way, in May we are on tour in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia.

Longfingah & Basskateers Spain-Tour confirmed!
I am happy to announce this little tour in Andalucia / Spain. Together with Signore Sereno of the Basskateers Crew from Jena we´re gonna play shows in Seville, Almeria, Murcia, El Palmar and Cordoba. Thanks to Bony and Manon of Reggae Vibes Sevilla for the big support!

“Rocking Time” new tune on Dreadsquad´s “Digital Rules Riddim”
Longfingah Meets Dreadsquad, the polish Hitmachine! The latest Selection by Dreadsquad “Digital Rules Riddim” which was released by “Superfly Studio” in February 2013 features many artists from all over the world. I am happy to be a part of it! Here you can pre-listen and buy the whole selection: Dreadsquad & V.A. “Digital Rules Riddim”! Check my tune “Rocking Time” on soundcloud!

New Illbilly Hitec album “Reggaetronics” out now!
Longfingah recorded a few tunes for the new Illbilly Hitec album “Reggaetronics” which just was released by Echo Beach in February 2013. With their first studio album Illbilly Hitec presents a great fusion between electronic beats and a dub-reggae flavour. They feature many artists from all over the world on their new release like Cecile from Jamaica, Dactah Chando from Tenerife, Lady N from Russia, Tribuman and JahJahMan from France, Emanero from Argentina and many more. Click the picture below and order your copy!

Illbilly Hitec & Longfingah on tour in Asia
We are happy to announce this tour through Asia. We will be touring Japan, Hongkong, Hanoi, Bangkok and India for three weeks. Thanks to Japonicus from Tokyo and the NH7 Festival in India for inviting us.

Longfingah Meets Hardy Digital – “Collieman Remix”
One Year after the release of my latest album “Cityopian Spirit”, we got a special jubilee present for all supporters. Together with Hardy Digital we made a remix of the tune “Collieman” which is now available as a free download. Click the picture below to grab your copy!

Illbilly Hitec & Longfingah on Mexico-Tour
It´s like a dream become true. For the first time we are going to Mexico! We are happy that Rebel Sounds invited us to play several shows in Mexico City, Puebla, Leon, Guadalahara and San Pancho. Thanks and Big Up to Nadja, Annibal and Hugo for giving us this opportunity.